Nowadays, TV broadcasting is more “monolithic” than versatile, as long as broadcasters are managing a single, static, end to end conventional transport type of channel.

At the other end, end users are still compelled to stay close to their TV set, passively watching images, without a lot of extra information coming.

The content creation is usually made in studios, with dedicated infrastructures for shooting and processing. The content preparation is usually made at the TV channel premises before broadcasting program, and the network distribution relies on physical dedicated equipment like DTH sat’ dishes, DTT antennas or IP set top boxes.

ICARE proposes an alternative solution for TV entertainment using network cloud architecture. Content is supposed to come from anywhere in the cloud and go everywhere else, whatever the format of audio or video, together with multi screen data and entertainment services like web pages, games and even executable software applications via applications stores enriching the main content. In other words, ICARE is capable of ingesting content from various sources whether it is broadcast or broadband, and delivering the resulting combination of streams and data to all types of access networks.

The multi screen environment enables new possibilities for creating and presenting innovative content for cloud based architecture

For the end users, the cloud architecture will help to increase the number and types of virtual (dematerialized) multimedia objects and simplifies the access from everywhere.

ICARE project can be considered as the realization of “TV and Home entertainment in the cloud”.